Wiseartwork were delighted to start a trial collaboration with Romo in 2016.  Romo experimented with many images from the collection, bringing their unique design skills to the project before launching the Gardenia collection in September 2018.   Wiseartwork are thrilled with the quality of the finished collection which encompasses several Camellia species, Wisteria and Euphorbia leaves all from The Wiseartwork Collection.

Emily Mould Creative Director at Romo – September 2018

Developing Alfred Wise’s archive of beautifully detailed artwork into a collection of painterly prints and embroideries has been a wonderful journey of discovery. The Gardenia collection honours the artistry and skill behind the art of botanical illustration and allows Alfred’s work to be admired from a new perspective.’

Original images from The Wiseartwork Collection used in The Gardenia Collection.

Wiseartwork would like to acknowledge the support and inspiration of Bella Whiteley of Bella Whiteley Interiors, who encouraged Wiseartwork to develop licensing collaborations in the home furnishing sector. 

Other Licence Partners – pre 2018

Duet Print Offers

In 2017 Wiseartwork collaborated with Duet Print offers to offer print collections through newspaper and the Radio Times offers.

J Salmon Calendars

Wiseartwork co-designed a 2017 botanical flowers calendar with J Salmon Calendars for the retail market.