About Wiseartwork


Nicola Clear, great niece of Alfred Wise and Founder of Wiseartwork

In 2014 the sole surviving relative of Alfred Wise (Margaret Clear) was approached by the RHS informing her that she had inherited the copyright to the majority of Alfred’s art collection. Since then her daughter Nicola Clear has established Wiseartwork to develop the artwork into greetings cards, prints, as well as establishing major art licensing opportunities.​

All future licensing enquires should be directed to ThisisIris licencing agents. 

What is Botanical Art ?

“The greatest flower artists have been those who have found beauty in truth; who have understood plants scientifically, but who have yet seen and described them with the eye and hand of the artist”.

Quote by Wilfrid Blunt – Ch. 1 The Flower Artist in “The Art of Botanical Illustration”